Copy Typing Jobs for Homeworkers

Work from Home Doing Copy Typing

There’s a ton of copy typing jobs that need doing – as people advertise for Copy Typists Wanted. These are great freelance, work from home jobs which can be done working from home, with you choosing your own hours of work.

It’s also quite easy to start/stop copy typing at the drop of a hat if you need to – as you simply stop typing and can come back to it a bit lafter.
Copy Typing Jobs
People who have copy typing jobs for homeworkers are typically small website owners and small business owners – they just need some simple copy typing doing – and it’s highly likely that they will use you regularly after the first job.

Some copy typing jobs might be typing up a list from images, e.g. copy typing a badly scanned book, or it might be simple data entry where you’re typing up a list of every business within one town, or a list of every major supermarket. Every copy typing job will be different.

All you do is find jobs you’re happy to do – and put in your price. They won’t pick the lowest price, they’ll pick the person that they feel is most able to do the job correctly, to deadline. Look through what others have put for their bids – then make your application look more business-like, more professional…. that’s what the employers will be looking for: somebody that gives them the confidence that the work will be done… and done properly and on time.

Doing freelance copy typing work isn’t rocket science, but you do need a certain tenacity when you’re new to apply for as many jobs as you could do, once you’ve done a few you’ll find you can pick and choose which to apply for – and get better results as your feedback grows.

List of Copy Typing Jobs for Homeworkers

I used to provide a list of copy typing jobs below, but the market’s so fast moving it was a full-time job just keeping abreast of it …. you’ll find them on freelance websites, where there is no cost to join and free to bid, just make sure it’s a legitimate freelancing company and payments are protected so you’re paid once the work is signed off. Doing copy typing work is a really fast way to earn some quick money.

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