Freelance Voiceover Jobs

Voiceover artists are used to record short and long scripts for short videos, adverts, audio books and training courses.
Voiceover Jobs
You’ll know from television and radio that a lot of adverts use voiceovers. Voiceovers can be in a variety of different regional and international accents – and the work can be done from home.

Below are the latest freelance voiceover jobs that need doing right now, sometimes the list is empty, but it updates every 2-3 hours, so bookmark this page!

Start of voice talent jobs listings:

If there is nothing directly above here, between the lines, then the list of voiceover jobs right now is 0, the list is updated automatically 2-3 times per day, so bookmark us and come back – and look around this site for other types of homeworkers’ jobs, or you can view the live list of voiceover jobs here: voice jobs.

Whether you’re 9 or 90, there’s a good chance somebody needs a voice just like yours to read out their script over their advert – or to read out an audio book, audio newsletter or training sheet.

When you do a voiceover job, you are provided with a script and are told how to read it and at what speed – and all you have to do is record yourself reading the script. Sometimes you are asked to make a few short recordings at differing speeds and in different styles, from which they’ll choose how you should record the whole script. Other times you’ll be told at the outset. The work is always straight forward though.

Voiceover Jobs for Audio Books

Audio books have been around for years – and every one needs a voiceover artist to read it onto tape. Some audio books are best sellers, but there are even more audio books for children that need recording. Each audio book would require a different voice, so there’s plenty of work out there no matter what your accent is.

People who own and run websites are also producing 1000s of new audio books every day. They all need somebody just like you to do the recording.

You could be paid to read a child’s book, or perhaps a 20 page ebook about DIY. How do you fancy immersing yourself into a full length murder mystery novel by a new novelist?

Note: To apply for a job, you HAVE to click on the job you are interested in to get the full description and from there you apply directly.

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