Work From Home Customer Service / Live Chat Jobs

You can start a new career in a work from home customer service or live chat jobs role. The Internet and fast broadband have enabled people to work from home as a customer service rep, or live chat person, offering help to customers of High Street businesses or online shops.

Some customer service work from home jobs are telephone answering, often using either Skype or a telephone system that routes the phone calls to your landline. Increasingly, websites are offering website visitors a “Live Chat” button option, where website visitors can type in questions and get immediate answers. Most ISPs use a “live chat” service to offer support, an increasing number of businesses are adding a Live Chat function onto their website so they can capture valuable potential customers and help them decide to buy.

This is a growth area and there are many live chat jobs available, working as a freelancer. You could work for just one company, or you could work a few hours/week for a number of them: see which you like best before committing more time, or simply use this to build a flexible lifestyle for yourself.

If nothing is showing between the lines above, either there are no new jobs, or they are not showing up, you can view the raw feed here: live feed.

Above is just a small sample of the types of live chat jobs and customer service jobs that people are wanted for right now. There are several customer service jobs and live chat jobs coming up per week, so don’t miss out. It’s free to register and free to apply for these jobs, you’re paid quickly through a secure payment system too, so there’s no risk.

Real work from home, flexible work that’s easy to do.

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